diversity hiring with HTD recruitment

How to Attract Diverse Candidates in 2022

The objective of the Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) recruitment process as an IT Staffing Service is not only employee onboarding but also employee acquisition with retention. Remote work, diversity recruiting strategy, development of a hybrid work model with employee engagement, and a major scope of upskilling and reskilling among professionals were the recent trends observed for meeting business needs.

Current Scenario of Hire-Train-Deploy Recruitment Practices

Ensure deployment of curious, confident, and sharp minds that will govern their future for success, without any specific criteria set for required candidates.  Deployment indicates employee onboarding after training is done, by bringing resources into effective commercial action. Get the valuable opportunity to deploy a pool of multi-skilled diverse job-ready professionals in a sustainable and cost-effective way through PruTech Solution’s IT Staffing Services. Save training costs and hire candidates that can work on a long-term basis, sustaining their careers for gaining expertise. Gain superior employee onboarding experience for your recruit, as we prepare them to be job-ready from the beginning.

Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Recruiting at the workplace signifies the personnel and staff to be from different commercial backgrounds, with varied work experiences. The workforce presents the general makeup of the society considering age, diverse socio-economic levels, race, religions, etc. In this context, the upcoming trend is the recruitment of diverse candidates, without specific conditions set about required qualifications, gender, positive traits, skills, age, and other parameters. Here, diversity recruiting practices can be categorized into inherent diversity and acquired diversity.

The Significance & Benefits of Diversity Recruitment

Optimize the IT Staffing Solutions like HTD recruitment practices and Diversity recruiting for optimum results.

  • Make the best effective use of HTD recruitment procedures for the best commercial results. According to valuable insights from the Recruitee blog, companies with diverse recruitment strategies got 19% higher revenues. 85% of CEOs present diversity of the workforce to be the reason for improved bottom lines and commercial results.
  • Achieve performance-oriented goals, innovation, and productivity.
  • Deploy diverse candidates with the HTD recruitment practices as candidates are trained with diverse approaches like – Learning, Application, Evaluation, and Calibration in the form of careful assessment.
  • Recruit diverse candidates that are experts based on holistic, comprehensive, immersive hands-on training.
  • Get recognized for candidates with a broader skill range, wider commercial experience, more language expertise, and increased cultural awareness for a more varied candidate community.
  • Use the enriching platform for hiring diverse candidates with PruTech Solution’s service offering of HTD recruitment practices. Develop knowledge capture with knowledge management, that enables corporate training faculty to connect, collaborate and share commercial insights.

5 Strategies, Frameworks, and Parameters for Diverse Candidate Recruitment

  • Audit and Cross Check Job Ads

Communication in the Job Ads through job alerts and hiring alerts must convey recruitment to a broader range of candidates, instead of specific parameters of eligibility. Content of Job Ads must communicate the demographic audience for which the job role is open for developing the diversity recruiting strategy.

  • Focus on credible and trustworthy online sources of diverse candidates

Sourcing resources and candidates from a variety of online platforms will be ideal for diversity recruitment. Instead of focusing on one single platform, be a part of another reliable yet not many recognized sources like social media, job portals, and official job groups, to develop a scope of recruiting diverse candidates.

  • Encourage diverse employees for references

More tendency is observed of employees to refer to their colleagues in similar professions. Professionals get recognized considering their work experience with networking. Hence, professionals refer colleagues and acquaintances that are recognized for diverse skill sets or any other positive diverse quality. Companies being open about qualifications, skill sets and positive qualities convey diverse company values.

Recruitment with a diverse candidate referral program is the best way for improving diversity recruiting.

  • Generate an employer brand

Get occupied with diverse recruiting solutions and practices by emphasizing on opinions of employees from all commercial backgrounds. Present diversity as an integral company value and train candidates with diverse skill sets that would contribute to the provision of valuable services. Promote the purpose and significance of IT Staffing Solutions provided with Diversity recruitment for best commercial outcomes. Get involved in the promotion of diverse company values for developing diverse company culture.

  • Hire-Train and Deployment Recruitment Practise

As an IT Staffing Solution, the HTD recruitment process offers the scope for the recruitment of diverse candidates. This IT Staffing Service that includes Hire, Train, and Deployment procedure includes serviceable training modules, and learning management systems, providing learning experiences that go beyond Instructor training.

PruTech Solution’s service offering of IT Staffing Services connects with the premium ethos of diversity recruitment by using the Hire-Train-Deploy(HTD) recruitment process. Here the offering includes self-paced learning, live instructor-oriented sessions by industry expert faculty with several years of work experience, hands-on learning, and mentoring.

PruTech Solution’s IT staffing services in the form of HTD recruitment practices are used with the objective of stakeholder engagement and involvement of the hiring company. IT Staffing Solution includes hiring candidates with the HTD recruitment process, considering the objectives to achieve Sustainable Development Goals of decent work, economic growth, industry innovation, gender equality, and infrastructure

All these parameters prove to be beneficial for hiring diverse candidates with the HTD recruitment process that helps candidates emerge. Here the diverse candidates can progress by training which includes learning at their own pace through eLearning modules, industry-aligned case studies, job assignments, and coaching from industry experts.

Ensure faster hiring for the valuable benefit of diversity recruitment with our HTD recruitment process. Consult us here.