Upgrade your hiring with Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) solution

Upgrade your hiring with Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) solution

Overview of Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) recruitment model

In an era of intense competition, intense service providers, and intense talent from several professionals, selecting a worthwhile candidate might be a challenge. In this context, the Hire, Train, and Deploy (HTD) framework of recruitment simplifies the overall recruitment process for efficient management of the employee onboarding process. Regulate your hiring and recruitment process with the HTD model. HTD model which implies the Hiring, Training, and Deploy (HTD) solution of recruiting brings order and method to the recruitment purpose.

Modernize and streamline the employee onboarding process by saving money, using the HTD model framework. The HTD model as an integral part of staffing services includes interviews conducted and shortlisting of candidates by IT staffing service providers with the ideal training provided to the candidate for skill-set development according to hiring client’s requirements. After the training phase, the hiring company analyzes the candidate’s performance and reviews skills. According to the candidate analysis done, deployment is executed and employee onboarding decision is taken.

PruTech’s Staffing Solutions with the HTD model framework

Onboard a cluster of multi-skilled, and job-ready professionals with the approach of sustainable development goals, considering our IT staffing solutions. Get candidates that are proficient with the relevant Subject Matter Expertise. Recruit resources that work with parameters of economic growth, accountability, industry innovation, and reduced inequalities. Get accurate workflows and seamless work processes considering the HTD model with our efficient IT staffing services. Hire the worthwhile and ideal Information Technology proficient candidates with a seamless onboarding experience.

Significance of HTD recruitment model

The priority now is to hire candidates, saving time and money in a cost-efficient way. Using IT staffing solutions specifically the HTD model considering the hiring client’s corporate framework and commercial endeavors will be worthwhile. The priority is a modern, contemporary, and state-of-the-art hiring process. Develop a process-oriented framework for hiring to achieve time efficiency, cost efficiency, faster output to the market, and get higher Returns of Investment (ROI). Upgrade the employee onboarding process by considering judicious means of hiring and simplifying the meticulous task with the HTD recruitment model

Benefits due to the HTD recruitment model and framework

Quick Resource selection with strategic staffing solutions

Depending on the job specifications of the job role, hiring companies can make a prompt decision as to which candidate will be the ideal fit for that role. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is evolving with this mega benefit. Cutting edge e-learning modules included in the training solution will lead to seamless deployments

Efficient Candidate Placement with contemporary staffing solutions

HTD hiring agencies in the form of IT staffing solutions provides modern and state-of-the-art training solutions with a consultative approach. Original, insightful, newsworthy, and relevant learning solutions leads to training resources of new skills with technologies

Productive training Solutions

Training here includes efficient R&D, self-paced learning, real-time/live instructor-oriented sessions, commercial case studies, industry-oriented assignments, and mentoring from famous industry experts. Hence, hiring companies need not invest in time allocation, appropriate content supply, monitoring, examining, and feedback criteria. Instead, professional staffing services with HTD framework help in executing employee onboarding with the above duties

Best monitoring

Get proficient trainers who are experienced veterans in the commercial world working to remove the gap between academics and industry. Avail supreme training infrastructure with parameters of high-quality program content, delivery mode, and estimated training hours for hassle-free deployment experience

Challenges resolved due to the HTD model framework

Strategic staffing solutions like HTD framework and approach of hiring offers live virtual training facility with renowned faculty. Process-wise recruitment that includes pre-sourcing, sourcing, vendor assessment, and client assessment leads to the stress-free deployment of resources. Next phase-wise hiring that includes a selection for training, training and onboarding to payroll also can be performed efficiently with the HTD process of recruitment.

  • IT staffing services in the context of training enable technology-oriented training to impart efficient learning content. Optimize the candidate’s time for optimum results with unique training modules that develop the foundations for achieving career proficiency
  • Transform the candidate’s time to be effective for best outcomes. IT staffing solutions are now emerging with the appropriate pedagogy, efficient service offerings of experienced industry veterans as trainers, and providing centralized learning assessments.
  • Contemporary staffing solutions are emerging with precision-oriented e-learning courses that deliver enhanced training.
  • Strategic staffing solutions that prefer the Hire, Train and Deploy recruitment model for corporate training provide 24/7 access to cloud-based training online labs for resources to sharpen their skills.
  • IT Staffing Solutions with the HTD model provide training in the form of customizable product and service offerings according to the hiring company’s candidate needs. Trainers can prefer consultative approaches, program curriculum parameters, online learning add-ons like virtual labs to upgrade the training experience. Accordingly, this helps in candidate skill development and deployment

Invest in the highly-reliable IT staffing services like PruTech for the HTD recruitment model. We help in faster deployment with renowned industry experts, original curriculum, productive online with offline learning, experiential learning, and mentorship.

Connect, collaborate and co-relate with the most eminent professional staffing services for the selection of the ideal resource fit for the job role