The Opportunity

The Smart City Mission in India covers 100 cities in the country, Thanjavur being one of them.

The opportunity was to develop Thanjavur as a people-centric city with a good living and working environment, along with being a knitwear hub of India. This required a holistic approach based on pragmatic solutions to provide a better quality of life through amenities such as improved transportation, housing situation, SWM, energy & water availability, safety, and security in the city.

The impact of this e-governance solution for Thanjavur Smart City has been the real-time monitoring, data collation, and response management of the various facets of the smart city.

About Thanjavur Smart City   

Thanjavur, a city in Tamil Nadu’s central region, is known for its culture and architecture. The Ministry of Urban Development shortlisted the city as one of India’s 100 smart cities.

Smart City Mission (SCM) is the flagship initiative of the Government of India in the urban development sector, under which 100 cities are to be developed under this centrally sponsored scheme in collaboration with State Governments.

Since Thanjavur is a city of rich cultural and historical importance, the vision for a smart city emphasizes enhancing the identity of the city as the “Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu”, along with being the provision of resilient infrastructure and a sustainable environment.

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