Signs you are working for a great employer

Signs you’re working for a great employer

It is said that one does not change job, one changes bosses. We all like working in an environment that gives us both, respect, and freedom. Instead of micromanaging their employees, an employer should make them responsible to own the tasks & duties. As per recent statistics from Glassdoor, 75% of active job seekers apply for a job if the employer is actively managing the employer brand. Have you ever thought of why do you want to work for this company, or why are you excited to work for this company? Let’s explore the answers to these crucial questions, with a few indicators to help you discover that you’re working for a great employer:

Pay is Fair: Every job that we opt for narrows down to the pay. Everyone wants to be paid fairly. The employer that not only pays well but also gives occasional bonuses to employees, cares about them and their welfare. Though the pay is a primary reason to opt for a job, surviving along with the employer is proof and answer to the question of why you are excited to work here.

Occasional breaks during work hours: In some companies taking breaks/nap is acceptable because it increases the productivity level of the employees. If your organization is among them, then they definitely care about your productivity, stress, and also your efficiency. If you receive more than one break, you should consider yourself lucky because your organization cares about your happiness. Nowadays, some employers also encourage their employees to take power naps or even have access to recreational activities during office hours.

Constructive feedback: Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection. If your employer takes additional efforts to share feedback on periodic intervals, then they are indirectly helping you to grow. Constructive feedback helps you to find out where you lack and what steps you should take to improve. One should take feedback from the employer positively and not personally. You can consider it as an opportunity to understand your career path in the organization. Without this direction, an employee lacks focus and can disengage.

The atmosphere is rewarding and fun: At some point in time, a job is more than mere pay. Who doesn’t like appreciation? We all want to be appreciated for the good work we do. Many organizations give huge gifts as part of a bonus to appreciate their employees. If you got a new TV or phone or even a pat on the back in front of everyone then you are lucky! Appreciation serves as motivation. Maslow rightly mentions esteem to be of human need.

Diverse office environment: There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people. If your organization promotes or hires for a position on the basis that would match the goals of the company i.e., that means the company doesn’t differentiate among candidates based on caste, sex, race, age, and education too. You must have experienced how difficult it is to grow a company if your employer does not encourage equality. If your current employer does, then they not only care about their organization but also the employees who put in extra effort and bring results.

Clear Expectations from the employees: An organization that sets very clear expectations from employees, helps them to understand their job roles. The employees are made aware of what is expected and how they should go about their job.

Top management is approachable: If the upper-level management of the company is approachable, then you are fortunate. If the employer is involved in meeting their employees for lunch, or a small get-together, it indicates that they think that all employees are important for the success of their organization.

Room for growth: Nowadays, many organizations sponsor their employees’ education to make sure they learn, upskill and hence, grow. Strong support from the employer keeps you motivated to climb the success ladder.

Isn’t it easy to work for a company that treats you well? As per a recent study, happy employees are 12% more productive in their work. If a few of the points mentioned above apply to your employer, then you have landed the right job. Most of us spend half of our lives finding the right jobs along with a good employer. We tend to spend most of our day in offices – hence, finding a good employer is not only important for our career but also our mental health.