Unleashing Logistics
Excellence by LMS

Logistics Management System (LMS) stands as the comprehensive solution for an all-encompassing transformation of your logistics operations. Offering immediate insights into critical data, such as real-time vehicle movements, sales figures, and procurement details, LMS ensures operational excellence by empowering you to make informed decisions promptly. With seamless integration into your operations, LMS becomes the centralized decision-making hub, facilitating efficient coordination and enhancing the safety and security of your logistics network.

Real-Time Visibility

Dynamic Solutions for Operational Excellence:

LMS acts as your dynamic command center, providing immediate insights into crucial data – from vehicle movements to sales figures and procurement details. Experience operational excellence with the ability to make informed decisions at the speed of modern business with analytics on:

  • Monitor Vehicle Movement Data
  • Track Sales Numbers
  • Analyze Truck Movement Data
  • Manage Procurement Data (Tonnes)
  • Access Materials Data
  • Utilize Procurement Tracker

Centralized Decision-Making

Seamless Integrations for Centralized Control:

Effortlessly integrate LMS into your operations, establishing it as the centralized decision-making hub. Leverage real-time data and analytics during emergencies for quick responses and efficient coordination, ensuring the safety and security of your operations.

Swift SOP Initiatives

Efficient Issue Resolution with SOP Automation:

In the event of discrepancies, the system acts swiftly, sending immediate alerts to authorized officials and initiating the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). Address issues promptly through a meticulous resolution process.

Comprehensive Support

Ongoing Excellence with Dedicated Support:

Prutech ensures your ongoing success with comprehensive support for LMS and associated components over five years. Benefit from real-time assistance, proactive maintenance, and continuous improvement to keep your operations running seamlessly 24/7.

Robust Access Control

Advanced Access Control and Safety Standards:

LMS introduces advanced access control features, allowing authorized personals to view, manage, optimize all the data received from various devices. With real-time data on vehicle movement, sales numbers, procurement, and more, we’ve brought visibility and control to a whole new level. It helps elevate safety and control standards by permitting only approved vehicles to enter designated areas across your logistics network.

Authorization Control:

  • Authorities can directly approve vehicle access from the platform.
  • Efficiently manage drivers and vehicles.

Innovative IoT Integration

Efficiency Redefined:

Leverage cutting-edge technology with the integration of not just IoT devices but also unconventional devices into LMS. For eg:

  • RFID Integration for Seamless Entry and Exit: RFID readers directly capture vehicle details during entry and exit, ensuring swift and accurate data acquisition.
  • Manless Weighbridge Integration: Our LMS seamlessly integrates with manless weighbridges, transforming the process into an automated and efficient operation.
  • Automatic Boom Barriers for Complete Automation: Achieve full automation with automatic boom barriers strategically positioned for precise access control, preventing unauthorized entry.

Prutech’s LMS is more than a solution; it’s a strategic investment crafting the future of your logistics operations. As the bridge between insights and control, LMS reshapes the possibilities for your business. Let’s build a future that exemplifies the efficiency and innovation our Logistics Management System brings to your daily operations.

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