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A connected ecosystem powered by real-time data, eliminates the siloed approach.

Smart Poles

State-of-the-art Smart Poles with multiutility functions and facilities.

Citizen Apps

Mobile apps that integrates all the city services, making them more available to citizens.

Smart Solutions

Our comprehensive suite of smart city solutions ranges from Intelligent lighting to surveillance solutions covering all the aspects of a Smart City.

We help cities build a sustainable and empowered future for their citizens with smart city governance backed by data-driven insights and emerging technologies, helping them becoming proactive than reactive.

The smart solutions can sustainably and efficiently offer civic services, accommodating the urban population’s specific needs by harnessing technologies like AI/ML, IoT, edge computing, and 5G.

City administrations need streamlined strategies to implement smart solutions for cities and e-governance to build future-ready cities.

That is where PruTech comes in.

Smart Poles

We offer state-of-the-art Smart Poles for urban areas and smart cities with multiutility functions and facilities for citizens, visitors and businesses. These Smart Poles support the plug-and-play methodology enabling adding of any feature or facility at any time with absolute ease.


Smart poles include a variety of digital functions that are supported by AI and IoT technology. Our all-in-one smart tower can be used to monitor city operations and respond to emergency calls

Modular Design

Modular design ensures that sensors and accessories can be easily replaced, thereby reducing the need for a new tower.


Smart poles are extremely scalable due to their modular design. It is flexible and easily upgradeable to meet emerging technologies.


Our smart poles extremely robust and customizable. We can personalize their IoT and AI capabilities to meet your needs.


Integrated Solutions

Equipped with IoT, to connect infrastructure and data to help communities better serve citizens.

Real-time Dashboard

Helps in better planning, decision-making, monitoring and optimizing of services.

Data-Driven Analytics

Draw valuable insights through practical data analytics strategy to make data-driven decisions.

Real-time Surveillance

Data is processed in real-time to ensure vital decisions can be made on the spot.

Policies and Event Management

Helps in managing and automating the services

Smart Solutions

Prutech’s Smart Street lighting solution provides the right help to the cities to efficiently manage and maintain the entire lighting of a city – making it almost too easy.

  • Autonomous ON / OFF
  • Remote Control of Intensity
  • Smart City Platform Integrations
  • Fast and Cost-Effective Installations
  • Communication Technology Agnostic
  • Grid Awareness, Optimization, and Reporting

Using the most recent visual and analytics technologies, Prutech’s Smart Environment solution tracks, monitors, regulates, and forecasts environmentally hazardous actions in real-time. These practices mainly focus primarily on enhancing air quality and reducing noise pollution.

Utilizing sensors, sophisticated monitoring systems, and mobile applications, smart waste management aims to address the aforementioned solid waste management issues. Real-time insights and data intelligence are provided by our waste management system. In that sense, historical data may be used to identify and control certain container fill trends over time. Mobile applications are utilised to address issues with the conventional waste management system in addition to hardware fixes, such as tracking drivers while they are out in the field.

Our Incident Management solution provides a seamless communication between the community and ICCC, which is part of the Smart City solutions and is based on the three pillars of Open Government: participation, collaboration, and transparency. The administrators can monitor the city

  • Tracks response time to allow for effective performance assessment of contractors
  • Ability to locate discrepancies in facilities in multiple vicinities
  • Easy adaptation to integrate with different workflows
  • Generate reports to track service performance

A smart city is all about connecting devices, data and people to improve efficiency – working smarter. Combining industry-leading expertise and experience with scalable, innovative cameras and IoT solutions, Prutech makes cities more livable and safer by improving efficiency for public safety, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

The cameras will be integrated to ICCC, where a live feed (and also, past recordings) can be monitored by city administrators 24*7 received from the cameras and the same is decoded through video analytics. An alert is sent to the administrators immediately in case of any anomaly for them to take an action.

Emergency call boxes can be set up at the key places in the city. Any individual who wants to complain about an issue can press a button in the emergency call box which directly gets in touch with the command room via video or audio call. The complaints will be received and transferred to the officials concerned.

Our robust parking management and enforcement solutions can cure all your parking problems. Be it on-street parking in a city, town, village or any kind of residential area or off-street parking at a retail or business park, a shopping mall, Metro/train station or market area, a smart parking solution is the only way to create and maintain order

Our smart wi-fi got you covered with simple, reliable & scalable wireless network solutions designed with smart city & city-wide Wi-Fi applications in mind.

Citizen Apps

Smart Citizen uses the singular most ubiquitous piece of technology that most citizens have – a smartphone, to connect people with their City and the City to its’ people to help improve the environment, service levels and customer satisfaction.


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Why Us?

End to End Solution

We provide a complete solution for seamless, innovative management of your city – all contained in one platform. We aim to simplify your experience and give you end- to-end support to deliver the solutions.

Data-Driven Analytics

Our platform provides self-service capabilities to build cross-domain visual intelligence, which helps the city administrators to understand the impact of interoperability on the infrastructure through visualization.

Future-Proof Solutions

Our solutions are built to be agile. We help you to maximize the value from infrastructure investments and support you to harness new technologies to unlock the full potential of your infrastructure.


Our platform and solutions can connect with and capture information from multiple data sources giving you significantly deeper insights into what’s happening in your city.

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