Achieving more, together

Why Work With Us

Frequent Onsite Opportunities

We understand your passion for high-growth onsite opportunities and facilitate the same basis sheer merit.

Thrust on Upskilling and Certification

Continuous learning is the only way to stay relevant in the IT industry, irrespective of whether you are keen to grow vertically or laterally. As a PruTechie, we make sure you never stop growing.

A Strong Rewards and Recognition Culture

We sincerely believe talent deserves to be acknowledged, respected, and celebrated. And this reflects across our employee policies, even in an increasingly hybrid environment.

Employee Benefits

At PruTech, we are second family. We strive to make this evident in the way we care for you and your first family; you can expect medical insurance, emergency funds, gratuity benefits, and more.

Work-Life Flexibility

We do live to work. But also, to make time for domestic errands, parenting chores, immersive self-care, and that well-deserved vacation.

Why Work With PruTech India



Boddu Madhu Babu

“My team at PruTech is a my personal superpower.”

Boddu Madhu Babu

.NET Software Engineer
Ganji Mahesh

“The PruTech team is better than any other because everyone supports you through every situation.”

Ganji Mahesh

Senior Software Engineer
Satya Sesha Sai Ram Patnala

“Join here for building a great career in IT.”

Satya Sesha Sai Ram Patnala

Software Developer
Ragini Gone

“I started my IT career at PruTech and I’ve learned so many technical and soft skills.”

Ragini Gone

Software Engineer II
Munagala Hemanth

“PruTech encourages an environment of learn-and-apply concept.”

Munagala Hemanth Sai

Python Developer
Shahid Ahmed Sayed

“ What I love most about working at PruTech is the spirit of teamwork and supportive management. ”

Shahid Ahammed Syed

iOS Developer & Senior Software Engineer
Madhira Sunitha - Delivery Lead PruTech

“PruTech is a great place where you can implement your innovative ideas.”

Madhira Sunitha

Delivery Lead
Devika Bharadwaj - Marketing Lead PruTech

“I love the entrepreneurial spirit at PruTech. It’s exciting to start every day feeling like you’re going to work on your own startup.”

Devika Bharadwaj

Marketing Lead
Keerthi Chekuri - Recruitment Manager PruTech

“What I love most about working at PruTech is the flexibility in the work culture.”

Keerthi Chekuri

Recruitment Manager
Rasool Shaik - Lead US IT Recruitment PruTech

“PruTech is the best place to learn and grow your skills; every employee has fair participation in sharing their views and suggestions.”

Mohammed Khasim

Sr. UI/UX Designer