iResponse: Your Complete
Disaster Management Solution

In the dynamic landscape of India, disaster preparedness is not a choice; it’s an imperative. At PruTech, we understand the unique challenges and complexities that each state faces in dealing with various types of disasters, from various calamities like fire to public emergencies like accidents.

That’s why we proudly present iResponse: a state-of-the-art disaster management system meticulously designed to empower government officials, agencies, and first responders across the city. With iResponse, you gain a comprehensive toolkit that streamlines disaster response, facilitates coordination, and enhances the resilience of cities and communities. In an era where efficient and immediate response to crises is vital, iResponse is your steadfast ally, providing the tools to safeguard lives, property, and the future of your city or state.


Real-Time Situational Awareness

iResponse provides government officials and first responders with up-to-the-minute situational awareness.
Get real-time data on weather, alerts, and incidents, empowering rapid and informed decision-making with our integrated dashboard.

Customized Preparedness Plans

Tailor disaster preparedness plans to the specific needs of your city/state. It enables you to create, update, and manage preparedness plans effortlessly. Whether it’s a fire, flood, accident or public health crisis like heavy pollution, our system helps you plan for the worst while aiming for the best outcome.

Seamless Communication And Coordination

iResponse enhances communication and coordination among government agencies, local authorities, and first responders. It provides a centralized platform for sharing critical information, facilitating swift decision-making, and optimizing resource allocation. With features for real-time collaboration and secure data sharing, incident of any scale can be effectively managed and handled.

Solutions for Disaster Response:

In our commitment to advancing disaster management, we’ve developed user-friendly interface that streamline response coordination, enhance real-time situational assessment, and support informed decision-making across diverse departments.

These tools foster effective communication, centralize data for comprehensive situational awareness, and optimize resource allocation. They also predict disaster patterns, utilize GIS for mapping, and offer mobile accessibility for field personnel.

Real-Time Disaster Visualization

Discover our event management solution for real-time disaster insights, seamless mapping, and local verification. Event Feed gathers global disaster data. Our analytics module calculates metrics like population impact through machine learning algorithms applied to historical data.

The Next-Gen Incident Command System

Our advanced incident management platform designed to streamline disaster response and revolutionize incident command systems for governments. With its comprehensive suite of tools and features, it enhances situational awareness, facilitates collaboration, and ensures seamless interoperability between agencies.

Rapid Disaster Response

It provides critical, life-saving information to aid rapid response during large-scale hazards that pose potentially devastating impacts. It helps anticipate hazard impacts and answer questions such as “What happened? Where did it happen?”, “How bad is it?”, “What actions need to be taken?”.

Emergency Routing

Emergency logistics play a critical role during disasters when time is of the essence. Our platform visualizes various infrastructure and helps to build emergency routing for emergency entities like ambulances and fire trucks. It saves precious time during critical events and provides access to the same information for different stakeholders.

Why choose iResponse?

Proven Performance

iResponse has been tested and trusted by Governments around the country.

Our track record speaks for itself, demonstrating the system’s reliability in the most challenging circumstances.

User-Friendly Interface

There is no need for disaster management experts to use iResponse.

Our intuitive interface ensures that users of all skill levels can make the most of our solution.



Whether it’s for a city or a state-wide implementation, iResponse can be scaled to meet anyneeds.

We understand that disaster management is not one-size-fits-all, and that is why it is scalable.


24/7 Support

We’re here for you, no matter the time or day.

Our dedicated support team is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns, ensuring that you can rely on iResponse when it matters most.


Choosing iResponse as your disaster management solution is a strategic decision with profound benefits. iResponse stands out as a robust and adaptive platform for one simple reason: it empowers Governments to face disasters head-on, and efficiency.

iResponse offers a multifaceted approach to disaster management, combining real-time situational awareness, effective communication, and streamlined resource allocation.

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