Keerthi Chekuri-meettheprutechies

#MeetThePruTechies | Keerthi, Recruitment Manger

Enthusiastic and dedicated, Keerthi joined PruTech and has been key to growing the PruTech family with efforts and determination. Join us in conversation with Keerthi and #MeetThePruTechie! 

  • What do you love most about working at PruTech?
    What I love most about working at PruTech is the flexibility in the work culture.”
  • What makes you want to log on (or jump into work) every day?
    My commitment to fulfil my responsibility and to take up challenges to learn something new keeps me going each day.
  • What’s your personal superpower? 🙂
    Positive thinking and self-learning
  • Which skill do you think everyone should learn?
    Discipline, self-improvement, and time management
  • Some advice you would give someone who wants to join Team PruTech.
    Grab the opportunity and grow with the organization 

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