#MeetThePruTechies | Rasool, Lead US IT Recruitment

#MeetThePruTechies | Rasool Shaikh

#MeetThePruTechies | Rasool, Lead – US IT Recruitment

Working as the Lead – US IT Recruitment at PruTech, Rasool is a determined and self-motivated individual who is always ready to help. Join us in conversation with Rasool and #MeetThePruTechies!

What do you love the most about working at PruTech?

PruTech is truly the best place to learn and grow your skills. The organization is very supportive towards the employees and the management and seniors are accepting of the ideas of juniors. Every employee has fair participation in sharing their views and suggestions. PruTech has always been a place for employees to grow and excel in their respective domains.

How has your career grown after joining PruTech?

This organization has provided me with extraordinary opportunities for my career. I joined PruTech as a Junior Recruiter and was constantly encouraged to take a leap ahead with my roles & responsibilities. With immense guidance and the learning from my managers and the support of my team members, I was able to grow myself into becoming a Lead Recruiter. Here’s hoping to achieve many more milestones along with my PruTech family!

What makes you want to log on (or jump into work) every day?

The environment at PruTech has always been positive and encouraging. The work culture is open and allows the employees to enjoy their work hours. Working in PruTech will always be about sharing your ideas, no matter how small or big.

How do you unwind from work?

I always try to close my work on a positive note. I also go for a 30-minute walk before I do anything else. It helps me in clearing my mind.

What’s your personal superpower? 🙂

I am a good communicator, quick in resolving problems, and pretty good with people and teams.

What skill do you think everyone should learn?

No matter what field they are working in, every person should keep working on improving their communication skills.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join Team PruTech?

If you’re someone who is passionate about your career, increasing your knowledge, and learning new skills on the go, PruTech is definitely the place you would want to be. You would love your work here.