why you should outsource IT hiring

7 Reasons to Outsource Your Staffing Needs

Professional Services in India

In the past five years of the Indian professional services and recruitment industry, temporary staffing solutions were at the forefront. According to Economic Times, the industry reports a commercial growth rate of 20-25% annually because temporary staffing offers employment stability. The employer can be assured in case of finding, onboarding, and retaining ideal candidates in the form of resources due to the prominent work of IT Staffing Solutions.

However, the Covid 19 pandemic brought an emphasis on digital transformation as essential for coping with uncertain recruitment challenges. Greater importance will now be on factors like the organization’s job role, and skill-mapping exercises, to promote the creation of a common skill pool, as a part of the enhanced training provided to candidates.

Hire-Train-Deploy Solutions

Hire, Train and Deploy (HTD) recruitment method as a successful IT Staffing Solution includes the process of interviewing candidates, shortlisting resources, providing serviceable training, and organizing deployment of candidates after assessment of candidates by the hiring company. Hire, Train, and Deployment recruitment process as one of the IT Staffing Services offers scope for recruiting candidates with the exact IT skill sets background required by companies.

PruTech Solutions offers the Hire, Train, and Deploy recruitment process of IT Staffing Solutions for training candidates.

Outsourcing Staffing Solutions

According to Capital Counselor, by 2025, in a global context, the IT outsourcing market will be financially estimated to be at 397.6 billion dollars. Hence, this conveys the growing chances of intensive staffing practices and outsourcing of HR duties from IT Staffing Services, talent acquisition firms, with HR Consultancy Firms.

Leading 7 reasons to outsource staffing requirement

IT Staffing Services offered by companies like our deploy end-to-end HTD recruitment process management for the deployment of Information Technology (IT) candidates. Several companies outsource staffing solutions and requirements because of benefits such as:

  • Access to ideal, worthwhile, and proficient IT talented candidates

Get the employee onboarding process with the objective of retaining IT resources, considering candidates working for a longer duration. Deploy the job-ready with skilled IT professionals that contribute to the operational efficiency and process optimization of the company.

PruTech’s objective as an IT Staffing Solution Provider is to shortlist candidates with relevant talent, commercial background, and relevant skill sets by the HTD recruitment process for quality hires, saving time for hiring companies.

  • Cost efficiency

Save your money as temporary IT Staffing Solutions are cheaper than permanent recruitment services. Hence, instead of an in-house HR solution and recruitment team, hiring companies prefer IT Staffing Services to outsource staffing solutions for managing the recruitment duties.

  • Time efficiency

Organizations need not invest time in training the candidates as IT Staffing Solutions provide valuable training as part of the Hire, Train, and Deployment recruitment process. Accordingly, saves training costs and time of hiring companies as overall Hire-Train and Deployment recruitment is managed by IT Staffing Solutions.

  • Competitive Benefit

Start-up companies must invest in Hire-Train-Deployment recruitment practices and outsource staffing solutions as they need more candidates with relevant IT expertise for the creation of competent personnel with the necessary knowledge and skill for success. IT staffing solution providers will provide offerings of proficient talent through HTD recruitment method that will help the company to maintain a competitive advantage.

  • Focus on core business goals

In the context of Small And Medium Enterprises(SMEs), investment in IT Staffing Solutions and outsourcing recruitment solutions prove to be worthwhile.  IT Staffing Service providers like PruTech Solution manage the overall recruitment process that includes hiring, training, and deployment of candidates. Accordingly, hiring companies can focus on other commercial endeavors and business activities to gain commercial growth.

  • Higher Returns of Investment

Hiring companies can get returns in the form of profits and benefits after investment in  IT Staffing Services. Also, hiring companies can get involved in outsourcing recruitment solutions considering the changing commercial scenarios. HTD recruitment method proves to be beneficial considering the scalability and expanding the potential of products and services according to business requirements. Hence, candidates can be increased according to commercial needs.

  • Faster output to the market

PruTech Solution’s service offering of quality-oriented IT Staffing Services provides the mega commercial scope for retaining employees after onboarding. Candidates get trained to be job-ready professionals providing the best employee onboarding experience sustainably and cost-effectively. Saving time and money, hiring companies can recruit candidates without delay for the provision of faster service delivery.

Upcoming Key Trends of Staffing Solutions and Services

  • Innovative Recruitment Solutions like the HTD recruitment process, outsourcing recruitment solutions, and other parameters will be reported. These parameters include presentation of employee work as part of service offerings for the company, shortlisting non-traditional talent, and removing any restrictions on recruitment.
  • Previously, HR professionals were working with factors of timelines, limited staff, and performance-oriented goals. Now approach of hiring will be focused on delivering quality hires that contribute to business growth. A better understanding of internal customer requirements is essential in this context for providing worthwhile hiring leading to commercial success.
  • Remote working has provided the opportunity for HR professionals to develop collaboration, with ideal staff communication and coordination. Hence, this will result in innovation because of new recruitment methods like the HTD recruitment process.
  • HR professionals and IT Staffing Solutions will develop employee collaboration platforms, offering the potential of working together for more achievements.
  • Staffing Solutions in the form of IT Staffing Services will promote organizational models and encourage talent programs that cultivate diversity of thought.

We at PruTech Solutions are involved in the Hire-Train-and Deploy recruitment practices for creating candidates that are global citizens, aspirational, and job-ready from Day 1. Get our expert recruitment solutions that include expert faculty training, relevant training curriculum content, blended learning, corporate training workshops, technology-empowered learning, experiential learning, and mentorship.

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