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Get a higher ROI with the HTD framework

Recruitment processes can often be slow, tedious, and time-consuming. With the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model, you can achieve faster hiring processes and prevent hiring delays. The Covid-19 pandemic had some effects on the recruitment industry with the HTD hiring model can help address.

Decoding the Hire-Train-Deploy Recruitment Method

PruTech Solutions offers the Hire-Train and Deployment(HTD) recruitment process which includes all the phases of hiring such as job interviewing, shortlisting candidates, training according to the role, reviewing candidate’s performance, and then deployment as per the hiring company’s requirements.

Our HTD recruitment method and IT Staffing Solutions, provide valuable contributions to commercial success. 

  • We believe in the ethos of safety and protection of hiring a company’s data for the provision of valuable IT staffing services.
  • PruTech Solution’s IT Staffing Services bridge the gap between academia and industry by ensuring the deployment of job-ready professionals to enhance the employee onboarding process.
  • Being familiar with future trends and recruiting developments that will lead to hiring clients’ onboarding, acquisition, and retention.
  • Building credibility and accountability through the supply of IT Staffing Services with an emphasis on quality assurance, considering the hiring company’s service portfolio.
  • Reducing costs and heavy expenses with faster output to the market considering faster deployment to fulfill service objectives of the hiring company.
  • PruTech Solutions has the ideal blend of expertise and experience essential for building the foundations of sustainable development, through an integral training phase in the HTD recruitment process.

Trends in the recruitment industry

To fasten the end-to-end process and enable recruitment with quality assurance, the use of Hire-Train And Deployment method is employed. Some of the trends and benefits we’ll see in this process are.

  • Virtual and remote interviewing format
    Use of this hiring medium considering the Hiring, Train, and Deployment method, precisely when HR professionals are working remotely proves to be beneficial. This technology activates a collaborative professional environment, because of which hiring procedure is simplified for other departments to get involved.
  • Candidate experience
    The objective of the Hire-Train and Deployment recruitment procedure is to transform candidate experience with accurate training practices. This will not only help candidates for deployment but also further employee onboarding, acquisition, and retention. In a competitive commercial market, not only shortlisting the worthwhile talent with ideal skill sets that leads to deployment is important, but also, conveying to be a strong employer brand compared to other staffing solutions is required.
  • Contingent labor
    When the business scenario is uncertain, with changing needs, changing commercial scenarios, and business flexibility, hiring contingent staff must be the focus. HTD recruitment practices are used for this specific purpose also. Contingent staff is hired on a contract basis and for a short duration, considering a specific time frame.
  • Analytics
    HTD recruitment practices provide the potential to judge the results of recruitment methods and hiring procedures. Analytics can be worked upon considering the parameters of the source of hire, estimated time to fill the job role, estimated TurnAround time (TAT) for recruitment, job role span, offer acceptance rate, cost per hire, quality of hire, vacancy price, and diversity.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Talent Acquisition Services and IT Staffing companies that supply IT Staffing Solutions, use Artificial Intelligence Software, with the Hire-Train And Deployment recruitment methods as one of the valuable recruitment methods. Here, the tools used are Eightfold AI, Job posting platforms, chatbots, and natural language process abilities.

Benefits of our HTD Recruitment Method And IT Staffing Services

  1. Get Higher Returns Of Investment(ROI)
    Invest your time and money in PruTech’s IT Staffing solutions. Get benefits for your investment in the overall HTD recruitment method performed by our IT Staffing service providers for end-to-end hiring process management.
  2. Multiplicity
    Proficiency in acquiring multiple trainers and organizing multiple training sessions for the deployment of ideal-job-ready professionals.
  3. Mentoring
    Constant mentoring for the employee onboarding within weeks.
  4. Training Methodology
    Get job-ready resources in the form of candidates that have developed expertise with our training methods like digital learning materials, pre-training assessments relevant to the job opening role, online conferences, offline workshops providing serviceable methods, sessions by leadership expert trainers, continuous assessments, and useful feedback to learners. Post-training includes valuable sessions for the candidate to be acquainted with the commercial scenarios.
  5. Training pedagogy in the form of learning material
    The industry-oriented curriculum of training content with globalized essence will be the training content used. Practical pre and post-training support, as an integral part of the HTD recruitment method, will be provided.
  1. Technology-oriented training services
    Get flexible learning methodologies considering online, offline and hybrid procedures of training. We train candidates in any required technology, right from Oracle DBA to Java and Dot Net Development and more.
  2. Robust governance approaches and perspectives
    Our IT Staffing solutions are supervised with an accurate governance approach and ideal conduct that will result in beneficial deployments.

Deploy job-ready professionals as we train Information Technology (IT) candidates with our serviceable approach and training frameworks. Here, these practices include the approach of diagnosing, learning, applying, reflecting, evaluating, and collaborating with hiring stakeholders for deployment. 

Do you want to hire a work-ready talent force? Contact us here for a consultation on our professional staffing solutions.