prutech blog 7 digital transformation trends that will set the tone for 2022

7 digital transformation trends that will set the tone for 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we live, do business, work, interact, and shop. As we continue to navigate through a devastating pandemic that disrupts and transforms how we operate in the professional world, digital transformation stays on the top of the minds of many organizations. It is important to know which digital transformation technologies are likely to rule in the year.

Here are the top 7 digital transformation trends that companies should look forward to in 2022 and beyond.
1. Business Process (hyper) Automation

Business process automation has already been adopted as an emerging digital transformation trend by large-scale organizations. In 2022, small business owners need to, and will, adopt business process automation in areas including marketing, finance, and customer support. This year won’t be big just for corporates and enterprise-level businesses. With automation becoming affordable and accessible, small businesses and startups will also get to enjoy the benefits of automation. Artificial Intelligence will help in automating high-risk and/or monotonous tasks, especially in the manufacturing industry, market research, and supply chain.

Moreover, the concept of Hyper Automation will take over this year. Hyper Automation says that “anything that can be automated, should be automated”. This means that any monotonous, repetitive task that does not require human supervision should be converted into an automated process. Though AI will undeniably (and quite relentlessly) result in job losses, the efficiency it brings will have big benefits for many employees.

2. The Supply Chain Crisis & Just-in-time data Analytics

In 2021, enterprises had to face many disruptions in the supply chain. Delays in shipping and inventory shortages are just a few of the disruptions that hindered in seamless supply chain and sent enterprises of all sizes and industries scrambling. Experts say that the solution which can potentially put an end to this problem is data analytics. With the help of data analytics and an efficient ‘just-in-time’ approach, a flawless, uninterrupted supply chain can be achieved.

Just-in-time is an inventory system as well as a management strategy in which an enterprise receives materials and goods as close as possible to the date and day when they are needed. Embracing this approach will help companies streamline their pipeline and eliminate any visible bottlenecks and fragilities in their supply chain.

3. Cybersecurity to take the front seat

Data protection and cybersecurity regulation will continue to remain at the forefront in 2022. This digital transformation trend has gained more importance since the pandemic as there was a considerable increase in online transactions. Moreover, a lot of companies have started operating on a remote work setup which has an increased need for better security. In this year, efforts towards data protection and cybersecurity to protect customers and employees will be amplified by companies. As organizations realize that their apps and automation need to be secure to gain the trust of their customers, more organizations will adopt a security-by-default mindset.

4. More focus on HCM software

Human capital management software, or HCM software, refers to the applications and tools intended to help companies manage and maintain their workforce. It helps you automate processes such as recruiting, training, payroll, and performance reviews. There already was a focus on this software in 2021. However, the dependency on this software is expected to increase in 2022.

As companies increasingly recognize that the workforce is an organization’s biggest strength and greatest asset, HCM is a practice that’s becoming more prevalent. It has become the driving force of many new HCM software and other new business practices. Moreover, with HCM, a rise in HCM consultants will also be seen.

5. An increase in acceptance of remote and hybrid work

Just like 2021, 2022 will also be mostly about remote and hybrid work. Flexible work setups aren’t exceptions anymore, because many companies now (almost willingly) offer work-from-home options to their employees. With so many staff members working remotely (and some supporting them from the office), companies need groundbreaking technologies that enable seamless collaboration. In 2022, companies will embrace and leverage digital transformation tools that allow employees to coordinate and manage work with their team members and other stakeholders that are spread across the world.

6. The Emergence of Business Technologists

With the increasing pressure on companies to digitalize their offerings, the need and value of business technologists will increase. Business technologists are professionals who try to bridge the gaps between a business strategy and its technology requirements. These professionals help companies identify areas where disruptive technology can be implemented and that will benefit the organization. In 2022, business technologists will take the center stage, as they’ll collaborate with IT departments to accelerate the digital transformation journeys of organizations with the right tools and strategies up their sleeves.

7. AI & Customer Experiences

With the advancement in IT and Artificial intelligence, newer processes and technologies will continue to benefit customer experiences in 2022 and beyond. Adopting a customer-focused approach is now the norm and leveraging this approach significantly relies on AI. Only those with the vision of the future are willing to invest in data and analytics capabilities and harness the power of predictive analytics to get insights into customer behavior.

The insights provided by predictive analytics are on exactly how, when, and why potential and existing customers behave a certain way and interact with the business. Investing in tools that enhance customer experience helps in strengthening your digital footprint and ultimately increasing your ROI. In 2022, investments in customer experience tools are expected to increase.

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