At PruTech, Guna Sekhar is currently working as a Sr. Manager – Business Development. He is a strong headed man who gets what he wants to grow. Join us in conversation with Guna and #MeetThePruTechie!

What do you love the most about working at PruTech?

The Leadership at PruTech is very professional, friendly, and supportive. Team support is also great, and the work culture is healthy.

How has your career grown after joining PruTech?

Though it hasn’t been very long since I joined this organization, so far so good! I have nothing but great expectations from the company.

What makes you want to log on (or jump into work) every day?

I am a goal-oriented person. My goals drive me to jump into work every single day.

How do you unwind from work?

By being in the present moment and enjoying it as much as I can.

What’s your personal superpower?

I am a team player and I consider that to be my superpower.

What advice would you give someone who wants to join Team PruTech?

It is a 100% perfect company that cares about its people as well as its clients equally.