ZTNA – Zero Trust Network Architecture is also known as software defined perimeter (SDP). It includes the solutions that are implemented by an organization to give its employees access to only those resources that are used by them. This reduces the risk of a possible cyber attack or data leakage issue for the organization.

The ZTNA solution identifies the authenticity of the user and links the identity to their collection of roles defined within the organization.

The access controls within the ZTNA solution ensure that all traffic passing through the organization’s network go through the ZTNA solution for enhanced security.

With the flexible working environment being introduced post-pandemic, it has become inevitable for organizations to choose an approach that offers scalability and agility to secure the distributed workforce. 

Benefits of ZTNA implementation within organizations

The Zero Trust Network Access solution can be implemented within the organization through a set of use cases that are specific to every individual organization.

These use cases are implemented within the organization based on their functionality and network usage.

  • Secure Remote Access: VPNs are used by most of the organizations to support a remote workforce. The major drawback of VPNs is that they provide access to the complete network to an authenticated user. Through the effective use of ZTNA solutions the accessibility of remote workers can be restricted to only a few functionalities of the network that are necessary for accomplishing their jobs.
  • Secure Cloud Access : The use of a cloud infrastructure is increasing as many enterprises have realized the multiple benefits of cloud storage solutions. It is necessary for organizations to limit the access of cloud-based resources for a secure and intrusion free network.

Reduce the risk of a possible intrusion

The most common goal of intrusion for cybercriminals is through a compromised account. A user account that has been compromised allows an attacker to move through the organization network and access multiple resources thereby leading to potential damages. Implementation of ZTNA helps to minimize the intruder’s access level and reduce the amount of damage caused to the resources. 

Ways to implement ZTNA within an organization

ZTNA solution can be implemented within an organization through the following ways:

  • Gateway Integration: ZTNA can be implemented within the network as part of the network gateway access policy. The traffic entering the network is filtered based on the permissions and the access control policies. Any user attempting to access the network needs to have authentication for using the various resources within the organization.
  • Secure SD-WAN: SD-WAN within an organization is used to implement optimized networking access within the organizational WAN. Secure SD-WAN is used to integrate a secure stack into each appliance within the network. Implementation of ZTNA into this SD-WAN stack helps to provide a centralized access management within the organization.
  • Secure Access Service Edge (SASE): The SASE functionality includes making the SD-WAN functionality available as a virtual appliance in the cloud. It helps organizations to maximize both network efficiency and security, including ZTNA functionality.


Implementing ZTNA within an organization helps reduce the risk of cyberattacks. Allowing employees with limited access to resources based on their roles and responsibilities helps reduce the damage caused by potential intruders or a malicious insider.

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