The Indian Energy and Utility Services precisely water distribution services, gas transmission services, electricity transmission, and distribution services needed quick action considering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The power sector is one of the critical factors of infrastructure, important for economic development.

The massive transformation was reported in India’s power sector considering reforms by the Government Of India. Accordingly, these reforms resulted in the single national power grid that developed electricity access for citizens and encouraged dynamic commercial growth for renewable energy.

Considering the significant role of the power sector which includes electricity transmission and distribution for infrastructure development, the use of a Cloud Computing Platform is integral. Cloud-oriented automated products and services prove to be effective for resolving IT challenges by creating ways to emerge with innovative solutions considering water distribution services.

Workout for accurate governance with management by the use of Cloud-oriented automation with service reliability and dependence on the developing needs of the ecosystem. The need of the hour was to implement a safe, and operational, solution compatible with the current real modern industry scenarios available at all times.

Water transmission and distribution companies were operating with a Cloud Data Technology-oriented automated IT solution for the management of the commercial assets with perfection.

Natural gas companies consider digital solutions for the management of the intensely unpredictable price climate and uncertain cyber attacks. Get commercial growth with the modernization of manual machine-oriented analytical processes that included jobs of coordinating data, analysis of market conditions, contract specifications, and supervision of trading work.

In this context, it was important to protect commercial data infrastructure that contributes to the supply of water transmission services, natural gas transmission with distribution services, and other service categories.

Significance of AWS for disaster recovery management

Ransomware indicates an online virus, which when affected blocks access to data infrastructure in the system unless the user does the payment of a massive amount. Phishing includes e-mails sent from a fraudulent source that the user believes to be genuine, with the intention of stealing the user’s valuable details. This can be done in the form of handling sensitive banking data by the user leading to monetary loss or downloadable e-mail attachments that block access of the user to system data. For preventing such loss, working out on disaster management recovery process was essential for power and utility services.

Natural gas transmission companies recognized the benefits of digital transformation for enabling system-wide visibility across business departments,  building a safe online community, securing data infrastructure, and implementing value-oriented decisions in reality. For achieving these objectives, the company invested in an end-to-end native software solution.

Efforts for Disaster management by power and utility companies

In the context of water distribution and transmission services, a shift from an on-premise commercial data storage platform to an Infrastructure-as-a-Service(IaaS) solution, hosted on Azure was decided. This provided the mega potential of reliability with dependence on service that not only was compatible with the requirements of the organization and customer network but also proved to be the correct solution to manage future uncertain challenges.

With GoDgtl by PruTech, your IT commercial data infrastructure will transform with progressive operational technology. This leads to digital customer engagement, and service engagement, for positive commercial results.

The recovery process from virtual cyber disasters for the supply of energy and utility services

Protect the commercial networks from data breaches and other cyber threats. Develop an adaptable architectural principle, that can help the industry to come back to its previous conditions, in spite of challenges with the below process –

  • Perform vendor license analysis – Interact with vendors to ensure that licensing agreements provide the scope of licensing mobility, and data transfer while online or offline disaster occurs. Licensing agreement must be cloud transferable for checking the intensity of virtual disaster with testing.
  • Take advantage of secure and high-quality network services like AWS Wavelength, Amazon Route 53, and AWS Global Accelerator for network development.
  • Promote AWS Security and Governance practices – Activate services like AWS control tower, AWS organizations, and AWS single sign-on for safe management online. Execute guardrails and service delivery with control policies.
  • Follow the AWS foundational security best practices in the AWS security hub. Consider multiple account use, with a minimum of 1 each for each level.
  • Execute Automation – Ensure arrangements with original equipment manufacturers for using the recent patch version of your unique software, after a disaster occurs.
  • Create a data backup provision with no human connection by setting up an account – Depending on the recovery time objective and recovery point objective perform a data backup for rebuilding all computers across all hierarchy levels. Redeployment also must be done considering the special focus on password and certificate backup.
  • Cross-check disaster recovery levels for a minimum of 1 week – Be aware of the time taken with data loss and disaster recovery with testing. AWS disaster recovery environment offers cost savings.
  • Preserve your Infrastructure-as-a-Code (IaC) base – In the Amazon S3 product, maintain a release version of codes with object lock. This will result in data safety from a cyber attacker with immutable recovery scripts.
  • Arrange security endpoints for the IaC account retrieval
  • Establish data security endpoints for communicating technically with other data systems.
  • Execute flexible network routing – Prefer Amazon Route 53 for rerouting data traffic, after a disaster.

Cloud-oriented automated solutions could also offer major scope for effectiveness, operating without waste of time, material, energy, and helping with cost management. PruTech Solutions’ cloud solutions is beneficial for the power and utility companies. Click here for more service offerings.

To ensure uptime of a Golf Holidays platform, GolfTripz needed a cloud service provider with the expertise and resources to stabilize its existing AWS environment, build a new modernized environment, and provide ongoing management and monitoring along with Security Compliance.

To solve these challenges, Golftripz collaborated with GoDgtl by PruTech, which delivered its Security Monitoring and compliance services to tune the existing environment and to prevent security threats to the platform.

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