The Disaster Management Unit of the Government of Maharashtra has awarded PruTech Solutions the Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance of Incident Response System (IRS) Solution project as per the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) IRS Guidelines.

The scope of work for this project largely includes:

  • Commissioning of IRS web application
  • Provisioning of enterprise IRS software licenses for all districts, blocks, and departments
  • Hosting the IRS application in a cloud environment with necessary OS, bandwidth, storage
  • Supply, installation, and commissioning of desktop, printer, UPS, and LAN cabling at State Emergency Operations Centre (SEOC) and District Emergency Operations Centre (DEOC)
  • Provisioning of training of the web application and provisioning of manpower for support
  • Annual technical support/maintenance for two years

The overall objective of the project is to minimize loss of life and property by strengthening and standardizing the disaster response mechanism. This will be achieved through more comprehensive, effective, swift, and well-planned action based on a well-conceived response mechanism. The IRS solution provides a participatory, well-structured, fail-safe, multi-disciplinary, multi-department and systems approach to guide administrative mechanisms at all levels of the Government. It also provides scope for the private sector, non–governmental organizations, community-based organizations, Panchayat Raj institutions, and communities to work seamlessly in the response activities.

The methodology will be equally useful for handling disasters such as earthquakes, floods, flash flooding, landslide, tsunami, cyclone, and lightning in the natural disasters category and chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) disasters and others in man-made disaster category. The application strengthens and enables the SEOC and the districts to plan for, respond to, and recover from any disaster. The application will be accessed in Emergency Operations Centres (EOC)s, Incident Command Posts (ICPO)s, and control rooms at various levels of administration.

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PruTech Solutions India participates in the Smart Cities India Expo 2022 held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

28 March, New Delhi – PruTech India participated in the 7th Smart Cities India Expo 2021, India’s largest technology and infrastructure event, in celebrating India’s entrepreneurial spirit and the country’s booming start-up ecosystem. Indian startups are playing a critical part in the Indian growth narrative, ranging from Fintech, SaaS, IoT, AI, ML, VR, Blockchain, and Gaming to transformational Digital Technologies.

Relaying his experience, Ambika Prasad Mohapatra, Executive Vice President, PruTech Solutions India, said, “It was a great experience to be a part of this expo after two years of virtual events. The expo was a great platform for technology companies to network, scale, and celebrate with the community in-person. Kudos to the team!”

The team at PruTech Solutions exhibited their portfolio of solutions in Smart Cities including Disaster Management, Integrated Command and Control Center, Smart Poles, Cyber Security, Cloud Solutions and Managed Services, and more.

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About PruTech Solutions

PruTech Solutions is an industry-leading digital transformation organization that was founded in 1998. Its umbrella of services includes digital transformation, cyber security, smart governance, disaster management solutions, cloud consulting solutions, and professional services. PruTech Solutions has more than 7 offices worldwide and an army of over 650 consultants spread across India, the United States, and Mexico.

With over 1000 successful projects, PruTech Solutions has empowered some of the most disruptive, agile businesses. As a technology expert and business partner you can rely on, the organization delivers unprecedented digital transformation, cloud, and IT solutions.

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In a 2016 report of New York City’s homeless program by the Department of Social Services, the administration called for an integrated management structure under an agency to support shared servers, minimize costs and streamline processes for its homeless prevention and re-housing programs. The re-housing and landlord management initiatives helped streamline the process of removing clients out of shelters and moving them into permanent housing and improving business relationships with landlords.

The DSS workers faced challenges while recruiting landlords to their programs, as it involved a burdensome paper-based application. The process required landlords to submit documents multiple times for each tenant that introduced many errors in the process. This became a burden for landlords, wastes agency resources, and slows down the process of moving clients out of shelters.

Through the re-housing program, DSS issued more than 350,000 paper checks, which the administration found to be inefficient, expensive, and not the ideal payment method for their landlords. DSS wanted to implement an intuitive landlord management solution that helps them meet their goals that comprise of three components:

  • Landlord Management System
  • Landlord Portal
  • Integration Services

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NYC Opportunity, a part of The Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, aims at facilitating innovative product development and cross-agency data sharing that make it convenient for residents to access the resources, support, and opportunities they need.

To support this, NYC Opportunity manages the legacy HHS-Connect enterprise architecture, governance framework, and digital product portfolio. This also includes Worker Connect – a web-based application that provides caseworkers with a consolidated view of client data integrated from multiple case management systems.

The client wanted PruTech Solutions to upgrade and modernize Worker Connect and the Connect System Components for NYC Opportunity’s growing portfolio of integrated data services. Through the portfolio, NYC aims at providing the data infrastructure, capabilities, products, and services to support city initiatives that aim to create better opportunities and outcomes for city residents – particularly low-income and vulnerable residents.

Using modern technologies and expertise in digital transformation, PruTech improved and upgraded the integrated data services platform across NYC Agencies. The improvements will allow for effective and coordinated health and human services for the New Yorkers.

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The Opportunity

The Smart City Mission in India covers 100 cities in the country, Thanjavur being one of them.

The opportunity was to develop Thanjavur as a people-centric city with a good living and working environment, along with being a knitwear hub of India. This required a holistic approach based on pragmatic solutions to provide a better quality of life through amenities such as improved transportation, housing situation, SWM, energy & water availability, safety, and security in the city.

The impact of this e-governance solution for Thanjavur Smart City has been the real-time monitoring, data collation, and response management of the various facets of the smart city.

About Thanjavur Smart City   

Thanjavur, a city in Tamil Nadu’s central region, is known for its culture and architecture. The Ministry of Urban Development shortlisted the city as one of India’s 100 smart cities.

Smart City Mission (SCM) is the flagship initiative of the Government of India in the urban development sector, under which 100 cities are to be developed under this centrally sponsored scheme in collaboration with State Governments.

Since Thanjavur is a city of rich cultural and historical importance, the vision for a smart city emphasizes enhancing the identity of the city as the “Cultural Capital of Tamil Nadu”, along with being the provision of resilient infrastructure and a sustainable environment.

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The Opportunity

The Smart City Mission by the Government of India covers a hundred cities in India, and Thoothukudi is one of them. The vision for the city of Thoothukudi was to ‘be a city where the local government is in-sync with the citizenry that is, in turn, aware and has a sense of ownership for the city’.

There was an opportunity to design and implement sustainable, technology-oriented solutions to usher in a paradigm shift in how the city functions, engages with citizens, delivers services, mobility, safety and revives the economic character around heritage & culture to benefit the citizens and administration on the lines of “doing more with less”.

The impact of this e-governance solution for Thoothukudi Smart City has been the real-time monitoring, data collation, and response management of the various facets of the smart city.

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The importance of e-governance in smart cities is inherent, in fact, it is the very foundation of running a smart city. Let’s discover the role of e-governance and how it regulates and manages the functioning of smart cities.

Data-Driven Governance

Smart cities have autonomous systems that would collect real-time information from everything like traffic management to forecasting weather to make better plans and decisions. These smart cities follow a data-driven administration mode to make sure that they are catering to their citizens to the best of their abilities. From targeting the root causes of problems to managing opportunities and creating solutions, data would surely empower the government of these smart cities.

The administrative agencies use the information to analyze anything from specific analysis of high disease rates in definitive areas to general data analysis for housing & infrastructure plan. The right information helps eGovernance.

Network Convergence

Network convergence means the bridging together of separate digital systems to ensure the timely delivery of high-speed internet. With network convergence, the public can get more flexible modes for communication and the right to information online. Smart cities will see more wireless connections offering a centralized system. This will not only help the people of the smart cities and the government in scrutinizing the people, but it would also enable the businesses to model state-of-the-art excellent business plans for the future.

Challenges in Smart Cities & eGovernance

The smart city initiative was launched back in 2015 but is still going through several odds and challenges. Whether we talk about the illiteracy rates, their resistance to change, or the data breach risks, there are several challenges that are hindering the progress of smart cities in India.

Trends in Smart Cities & eGovernance

For smooth eGovernance in the country, especially the smart cities, the government requires the use of more than one channel. Until now, the government has been using pathways like social media applications, SMS services, voice-prompted interfaces, smartphone applications, and many more. In the coming times, there are several trends that are expected to change the way smart cities and eGovernance works in India.

Faster Connectivity with 5G

The buzzword in the communications space is 5G. It comes with higher bandwidth and better speed, resultantly, 5G offers much faster connectivity. Smart cities would surely be seen using this network technology to have better and faster communication. Moreover, using 5G, eGovernance systems can be completed in half the time taken. And it wouldn’t go without saying that the latest developments in the industry like the Internet of Things (IoT) and ICT would also get advantages which are acting as a steppingstone of transforming these Indian cities into practically smart cities.

The role of e-governance in smart cities management is crucial and that is where PruTech Solutions comes into the picture with our state-of-the-art services.

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For operations management, Integrated Command Center or the ICCC handles foremost and important intelligence. Data of complex nature is processed at a comprehensive level. Therefore, command and control centers’ intelligence is important for formulating policies and better planning. Information is collected through various sensors and software which are placed across a certain terrain. Post analysis of information or data some workable input is put forward to act upon.

In India, the Integrated Control Room has been set up in a few cities under smart city schemes. With the help of necessary software and sensory systems, informed decisions have brought in new perspectives. When implemented, it is important to gauge the efficiency of the ICCCs.

The answer to the question, ‘what is an Integrated Command and Control Centre?’ is a simple one. For admins, it works as a Decision Support System, which would take results-oriented action after calculating data collected from sensory systems. This integrated operation center has a diverse process.

There are quite a few use cases of an ICCC:

  • Raise alarms of circumstances among civic authorities by working up the required software
  • It can put together all the data from various departments of a government for better efficiency on results
  • It can make decisions that are result-oriented in the time of emergency or even on regular days
  • It connects with the supporting labour to handle the grassroot level grievances
  • Processes are regulated to manage emergencies
  • For any emergency or usual operation, the ICCC creates an opportunity of decision making which is data-driven

Command and Control Centre Solutions

To better the performance of a business, the use of technology is imperative. Modern technology can monitor and control costly assets, information, and systems. These Command-and-Control Centre Solutions can be used in any of the control centers, meeting rooms, or operation facilities. These solutions can help the functioning of vital city resources.

Command and Control Centre Solutions can be customized as per the needs of an organization or its demands. These solutions can also be made for easier room control structures or even for extremely complicated ones.

The Command and Control Centre Solutions can gain acceleration through Audio & Video technology which work as monitoring systems. Other processes that can boost its results are the mix of value-added services. Besides all of these, the expertise of dedicated professionals is always needed to get the best efficiency out of ICCC systems.

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